What is the Counseling Experience Like?

Maybe you’ve thought about counseling before and wondered if you, your family, or your relationship could benefit from some tools or some time with a person trained to help people connect. Maybe you’re tired of painful arguments with a partner, a child, a parent or another significant person in your life. Maybe you’ve felt that something is wrong with you because it feels like you are the one who seems to always end up alone. You do not have to feel stuck any longer. Counseling can be a beautiful opportunity to get out of your environment of tension, chaos or discomfort and into a space designed around emotional safety. In this space you will be able to explore what has led to this way of relating to your self or someone else. Whether you are looking for help for your child, yourself, or tools for relationship restoration, we are here for you.

In your first session your therapist will walk you through the process of what counseling can look like for you. There will be some guided questions to give opportunity for you to share your story. Your therapist will listen with curiosity and empathy as you talk through what led you to make the first phone call. Our therapists are not interested in telling you how to run your life or to simply tell you what you should do next. Here, we are invested in allowing you to have the space, time and safety to fully explore what you believe is the next step on your journey. Your therapist is trained to objectively reflect the themes, patterns and ideas that are consistent or not consistent with what seems to be your desires and goals. In this process, you get the opportunity to discern how to proceed on your path towards health and wellness.

Who We Are

The Family Therapy Place is an inclusive support system for families, couples, children, teens, and individuals seeking healing from strained and broken relationships. Support will be offered through experiential, educational and therapeutic counseling for individuals, groups, couples and families to aid people on their journey to relational healing.  

Our Values:

Connection- Connection to ourselves, others, and the world around us provides space for healing

Differentiation- We believe that healthy relationships require us to be both uniquely individual and intimately connected

Absorb and transcend-  We believe that in order to grow we must absorb our past in order to transcend and grow beyond it. 

Authenticity- We believe that self reflection and ownership brings more peace and congruence in a person’s inner life. 

Vulnerability- We believe that the risk of relationships is vulnerability so we practice within the safety of a therapeutic atmosphere. 

To see a list of available therapists, check out our Therapists page

Who We Work With

We work from a relational perspective with:

Children and Adolescents: We work with individuals who are learning to overcome pain from difficult relationships. People ages 5-100+ years old can benefit from the safety of a therapy space with a trusted therapist. Small children benefit from the experience of play therapy to explore and understand their inner world. Adolescents are navigating a big, wide world and often their process of finding independence doesn’t come easily for themselves or those around them. We work with adolescents alone, in groups or in their family relationships to assist in healthy development of self which leads to long lasting health in their future. We work with young adults who are leaving home and finding the ways in which their intimate attachments are changing often feel threatening and uncertain. Transitions into adulthood can bring up some very uncomfortable feelings and learning to cope and navigate these experience can take time and patience.

Adults: There are times in our life that the weight of life feels too heavy to carry alone. This is a time that you may benefit from talking with one of our Therapists who are trained to provide accepting, compassionate, and reflective support to you during this difficult times. Whether you are searching for meaning in your life, making sense of mistreatment that you may have encountered in your life or trying to come to terms with who you are and where you belong, we are here to walk along side you as you make sense of your story. We work with adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts, transitional phases of life, and much more. We are here for you with an innovative set of therapies that can help you make the next step towards healing.

Relationships: We work with couples who are recovering from betrayal, restoring trust, or learning tools for healthy connection and communication. When you are left feeling less connected and more isolated in your relationship we can help. Two people who have chosen to share life together deserve every opportunity at making a connection that feels safe and secure. If you are trying to decide if the relationships can be saved, or is worth saving we can help you work together to explore these challenging experiences together.

We work with entire diverse, blended, non-traditional, or traditional families. Many personalities and feelings under one roof is bound to bring up challenges for those involved. Through experiential exercises and intentional restorative conversation, families learn great tools for connection and change. We work with families with young children all the way to families with adult children who are having trouble seeing eye to eye on the many facets of life

We work with small children within the context of their primary caregivers utilizing play therapy and parent child interaction therapy.

We work with parent child/teen dyads to understand and develop healthy patterns for expressing feelings and learning how to work together towards effective healthy change.

We work with Parents/Caregivers who are yearning for tools to raise their children in effective ways. Raising children is complicated, you don’t have to do it alone

Groups: Sometimes people come from families that have not been able to provide the safe, secure environment that they needed while growing up. Sometimes people feel there is benefit in hearing others’ stories who have experience similar things in their life. Group counseling is a way to explore relationship dynamics in a safe therapy environment. You will learn to reflect on your own experiences of yourself and others. You will gain insightful tools for navigating challenging relational experiences without the threat. We offer a variety of groups to allow for further exploration and healing.


Where We Are

We are located at 731 Front Ave NW in Grand Rapids, MI in the bottom floor of a beautiful stone house built in 1846. The house is the oldest structure in Grand Rapids still sitting on its original foundation. We believe that the environment is a crucial element in the therapeutic process which is why we have put much intention into the design and renovation of this incredible space. Rather than feeling like you’re walking into a sterile office space, at The Family Therapy Place our hope is that you’ll feel comfortable and right at home.

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