Parent Education

Parenting can be challenging and often times parents feel hopeless and alone and in search for how to do better for their children. 

"We're called to see the preciousness of our children even when they are covered in their own 'mess.'" -- Dr. Karyn Purvis

The Attachment Solutions Course helps parents develop tools to raise healthy, happy kids. Through this approach parents learn to meet their children's emotional, relational and developmental needs with proactive, dynamic parenting. We practice communicating compassionately, setting effective boundaries, and creating more joyful relationships with kids. Our course focuses attachment bonds and building parenting confidence, so that parents can shift from a paradigm of punishment to a paradigm of solutions.

This 8 session parenting course will help parents develop the knowledge and skill base necessary to meet the needs of their kids. Our goal is to build healthy, independent, vibrant kids by empowering parents with the tools that will create joyful
homes through a culture of kindness and mutual respect. Parents will learn to
support their kids' creativity, confidence and self-­sufficiency.

This Course is beneficial for any parent, foster parent, grandparent or guardian or anyone raising children! This course will also provide specific tools related to conflict, transition, and parenting during crisis and divorce.

This Course is administered by Tracy Thompson, MA, LPC and certified Positive Discipline Instructor.

Parents taking this course to fulfill court related requirements will be provided with an end of course report indicating skills gained and course completion. 

Fees for Groups are $30 per individual and $50 per couple

Fees for individual sessions are:

  • $150 for the first appointment

  • $130 for follow up appointments.

Please contact me for rates regarding private group classes (mom's group, church classes etc.), or for information about upcoming classes open to the public.  

Therapists that Specialize in this Service

Tracy Thompson, LPC