Anxiety can leave a person feeling broken, crippled, stuck and lost. Anxiety often feels like the insides of a person are knotted up and shaking. Thoughts can race through your mind on a never ending loop. Being with people can overwhelm and exhaust a person to the point of never wanting to leave the safety of home. Being away from the safety of home can bring up panic and fear. If you have felt like this, there is a way through. This is a place where you can learn to find yourself back in the present moment. Breathing deeply again can bring you back into a space where your roots can start to find depth again. Maybe your navigating a transition, a loss of something or someone, a search for meaning and purpose. Through an experience of mindfulness, grounding techniques, and a supportive relationship there is a way to live with this anxiety that does not feel like you are also stuck and unable to move. There is a way to find wholeness and health and we are only a phone call away.

Therapists That Specialize in this Service:

Leigh Ellis, LLPC
Jennifer Flanders, LMSW
Tracy Thompson, LPC